Handmade 101: Vinyl Flowers Part 2

Coming across some rather ugly wallets and clutches on clearance at my local Marshall's I had a 'light-bulb idea!' Why don't I create something similar in texture to jazz these guys up! :) So, being the thrifty wannabe I am I found some cheap vinyl at Joanne's and decided to create another fun vinyl flower!

The culprits:
Don't ya just love you some neon orange!

I bought these two guys intending to use them as gifts :)

Back to School Scavenger Hunt!

My boys start school on Monday!! Wow, did the summer zoom by! In the past we have always gone school supply shopping together which is just oh so fun......not really :) Taking three kiddos into a store where about three-quarters of its customers are jammed into about 4 aisles is simply put, mad chaos!

I decided to do things a bit differently this year. Skip the rush and just do it by myself :) Problem solved! There's something about fresh crayons, clean crisp folders and sharp scissors that is just so exciting so I thought it really didn't matter that they were actually present when choosing them. Let's change things up a bit and make it fun so I put together a little hunt!

 'Back to School Scavenger Hunt'

1 Photo Wednesday

Do you ever find a picture stored in a file on your computer that you haven't seen in years? Do waves of memories rush through you? Do you maybe feel guilty that you haven't done more with a particular photo? This happens to me a lot! I feel guilty that I haven't recorded my memory of it, let alone printed it out. I feel sad that a sweet or important or funny memory is stuck in lonesome folder with no story to tell.

I decided to not let these moments run away any more :)

Welcome to 1 Photo Wednesday!

Just another everyday, ordinary, typical Wednesday where I do something about these forgotten photos. I decided to simply find just one photo stored on my laptop or shoved in a box somewhere and give it a story.

You can do it too! Join me on 1 Photo Wednesday and start telling the stories of your photos..........just one.......it's a start, right?!? I will do this bi-weekly {on this blog} so essentially 2 per month or 24 per year!! Feel free to tackle more if you'd like :)

Here's what I've started with.....
{I am not a professional photographer:}

Our wards Easter egg hunt and breakfast is always a huge hit with the kids! Hadley made some cute little bunny ears for the occassion. I remember dressing her thinking this was the last time she'd be able to wear this sweet tunic purchased from one of my favorite shops on Etsy......it started as a dress when she was 15 mos. old paired with leggings and I've continued to put it on her as a shirt as she's grown. It made me realize how fast she is growing.
The little hands were not cropped out of the picture for a reason.....they belong to my sweet Ryker, my constant attention-seeker! It's as if he's saying 'don't take a picture of her....take a picture of me!'
It's early in the morning {8:00 is early for us:} and the day is just starting with Easter celebrations and swimming and family get-togethers. The day was long but the kids had so much fun seeing cousins and painting eggs - we brought home 2 dozen painted treasures. Nevermind that half of them were cracked and the other half dipped in every single color available turning out quite interesting! :)

Easy, right!?! I can do this :) Join me!!

Make it a beautiful day!

A Room Coming Together Comes Undone!

I've made some progress this year with our Master Bedroom! That's saying a lot considering in my 10+ years of marriage that has always been the last room to get decorating attention - no one really saw it but us so why put too much time and effort into it!

My focus has changed though because I grew tired of walking into a plain and boring room with its hodgepodge of mismatched accessories. I wanted gorgeous bedding and throw pillows......even if they did get thrown to the ground at the end of the day I wanted to say that yes, I did make the bed today and it made me feel good, darn it! What is it about a made bed?!? (I think I'll save that discussion for later)

So I dedicated myself to spending time on a space that doesn't get a lot of eye traffic. (I just made that up)
I knew that even if no one saw a pretty room with a made bed that day but me and my family that was good enough. Our homes are for us to enjoy, right?!?

Inspiration: Gallery Walls

The gallery wall has literally been around forever! I remember my mom framing each years new school picture on the wall featuring my other 4 siblings......in order by age, equally spaced in a perfect straight line. On one ocassion she got a little crazy and staggered them up the stairs.....this time the oldest of my brothers starting at the top down to the youngest brother. Each time there was always order......in spacing and style and always uniform in color.

Nowadays, there really isn't a 'perfect' way to create a gallery wall. There are no clear-cut-must-follow-rules. Different colored frames.....go ahead! A blend of quotes and photograpy.....absolutely! Maybe an initial or amperzand......fantastic! An empty frame......WHAT?!?

A Shelf Turned Bench Story

This piece has literally been sitting in my garage for over a year now! I knew that I didn't want to use it as a shelf and then the thought came.......what about a bench!! Simply remove the top shelf and repurpose it as the back to my bench.......brilliant!! :)

Here is the before......

Let me Introduce You.........

I thought I would introduce you to what I've been doing the last few years :) I have two boys that are 9 and 5 and a little girl who is almost 3. When I found out I was pregnant with her after having two boys (I always thought I would be a mom to boys.....which is totally fine cause I love my boys to pieces) I kinda went crazy with the little girl stuff.....I ordered handmade clothing from etsy, leggings, hats, shoes......anything girly and unique that I could get my hands on!

Here are a couple of shops on Etsy I was absolutely obsessed with:

Can you tell I loved buying little dresses ;)

Then came the hair accessories.......oh boy, you have to have one to match every cute outfit! I learned how to make every type of bow out there and then starting using fabric rosettes in my creations. I already had an Etsy shop and decided to start listing my hair pretties. Soon, I was getting attention from crazy talented professional photographers using my pieces and then sending their images with my hair piece.......this was a great way to get noticed because anything looks cuter on a tiny newborn or squishy toddler!

Let me introduce you to my shop:

Let's be perfectly clear.....these are not my photographs :) I had the privilege of working with supremely talented women who have let me use their image to showcase my work.

Now that I've started my home decor blog my interests have shifted a bit. I will still have many hair accessories in the future, but with more of a vintage twist and hopefully some vintage pennants to add to the mix!

Check out my shop if you'd like to......it can be fun just to browse these gorgeous images simply for inspiration! {There is a link to SHOP at the top of my blog}

Make it a beautiful day!

Handmade 101: Vinyl Flowers Part 1

Doesn't everyone have a collection like this?!?

The reusable totes from our favorite stores. Practical but not as cute as they could be, wouldn't you agree? I ended up carrying my Old Navy tote instead of my purse, with me to every one of my son's little league games. I didn't want my nice purse getting dirty:)

I decided to doll it up a bit by adding a removable vinyl flower pin. Here is what I did to make it:

{Vinyl Flower Pin Tutorial}

1. Gather supplies. 2. Determine the size petal you would like. Using cardstock, cut out one flower petal leaving the bottom flat (my petal was 2.75" in length, 2.5 in width at it's widest part) Using your template cut out a total of 15 petals. 3. Fold your petal inward at the mid point and then fold the two ends back flat. 4. Stitch through the folded petal. 5. Continue to fold and stitch your petals until you have 8 petals completed. 6. Turn flower over and stitch the back closed. 7. I used a bit of hot glue to secure the middle of the flower. 8. Repeat steps 3-7 with your remaining 7 petals to make your second flower. Glue the smaller flower on top of the larger flower. 9. Using your cover button kit make a button for the center of your flower and secure with hot glue. 10. Glue a pin to the back of your completed flower! Yay your done :)

Here is how I used my pink flower:

Now it's your turn to dress up your bags and totes with a little handmade goodness :)

Make it a beautiful day!

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Oh, what do you do in the Summertime?

I thought about a fun, upbeat little song from my childhood today as I racked my brain for some ideas to give to my 8-year-old. Summertime here in sunny AZ is oftentimes difficult with young kiddos. You have two choices when considering playing outdoors: swim or melt! :) Actually the young ones handle the heat better than us complaining adults..... :) But I remembered the fun activities mentioned in this little ditty.....

"Oh, what do you do in the summertime when all the world is green?
Do you fish in a stream, or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?
Do you swim in a pool to keep yourself cool, or swing in a tree up high?
Do you march in parades, or drink lemonades, or count all the stars in the sky?
Is that what you do?
So do I.

.....and thought, it's TIME to get our summer list a-going already!!

We haven't done this yet during the summer. I've always wanted to and now my oldest is at the age where list-making and checking-off is kinda fun {or maybe that's just my child}

Anyhow, this is what we've decided to do:

I've been pinning summer activities for months now so I decided to print off some of the lists. We laid them out and each took turns choosing an activity one at a time {We did have quite a few originals too:} I did limit the number to 50 activities because let's be honest, 100+ seemed overwhelming and I'm not breaking out a new extravagant project everyday.

And here is our FINAL FUN list:

So, what do you do in the summertime? Do share :)

Make it a beautiful day!

Inspiration: Stripes......and how I changed the feel of my Living Room

I have to start this post by saying YES, I know everyone and their dog has used stripes in some shape or form in their home by now. But, is it really trendy or just re-manifesting itself as a classic making a comeback? You can agree or disagree with me but I believe stripes are a classic and always will be :) I LOVE stripes.......in home design and fashion alike.

Aaaaaaand, I just HAD to show off my gorgeous brown/white striped curtains I finally hung in my living room.

See this is what I was working with before:

I sorta throw up in my mouth a little when I see the gold walls and heavy green and gold curtains......not to mention the ugly leather club chair.....oh dear, what on earth was I thinking!?! Since this is an inspiration post, I took to heart what The Nester had to say about changing the feel of a room.........so I decided to simply take down the green/gold curtains that had hung on my wall for 5 years and that I paid a ridiculous amount of moola for (fabric + seamstress....this was back when I didn't sew) and the room felt quiet. I left it like that for a few weeks to see if I continued to have the giant-brick-sitting-on-my-chest-was-now-gone-feeling. And it was. And it stayed.

Here is the {lovely} and refreshing change:
and yes, I know the green chair doesn't exactly fit in the mix......it will be recovered very soon with something a little more neutral. But do you see where I'm going with this?

Who says you need to keep something because you paid a ton of money for it or you've had it forever and it means something now or it was a gift or you can't afford anything else. I dispelled most of the above reasons by justifying that I DID enjoy the ridiculously expensive curtains for a whole 5 years, I picked out the fabric (yes, I admit it:) so I had only myself to blame, I wasn't hanging on to them to please anyone, and I knew I could makeover the space for half or even a quarter of the money I had spent. And if that wasn't enough I felt like I was suffocating everytime I walked through that dark room.......who wants to feel like that in their own home.

So, back to the stripes......I knew I wanted something different, pattern-wise and something that would draw the eye to the light in the room (aka: my huge double windows) and I was completely smitten with the thought of a horizontal stripe......like this one here.....

The black and white ended up being more than the room could handle so as I was blog-stalking one night I found this:

I thought ~ perfect ~ subtle but still makes an impact! I purchased my panels from IKEA for $24.99 and found 3 yards of brown fabric at Wal-mart for $2.49/yd. There is a very detailed tutorial that I did loosely follow to make my curtains. And wa-la!! a new look! Well, not completely.....I did paint the room and furniture and changed up the accessories to reflect a more neutral feel {I will go into more of the transformation later on, trust :}

So, back to my little piece of inspiration.....what started as a thought, an idea, an inkling turned into actual execution and a completely different perspective......one that I truly enjoy!

Here are a few more bits of 'stripey' inspiration......

via House of Turquoise

Oh the places we could go.......

via Lisa Mende Design

Or how's this for an attention grabber.....love these colors too :)

via Lisa Mende Design

And lastly, an ensemble that inspires me everyday......it doesn't always have to match, right?

via Life Made Lovely

What has inspired change in you or your home lately? Do share :)

Pretty Project No.1: Antique Frame

Good Morning everyone! Here's to starting my new series 'Pretty Projects' because I think my fellow crafters would agree with me that making something ~ anything ~ fulfills some intrinsic need to just create! I love creating something from nothing or transforming somthing from looking just okay to looking beautiful.....don't you?!?

So without further adieu.......my first 'pretty things' project:

This antique frame is what spurred my love for refinishing......

It has absolutely beautiful lines and intricate detail and the amazing part is it's over 100 years old! This thing is the real deal.......all wood, no laminate or plastic fake stuff. I also have a special connection to it as it belonged to my great-great-grandmother!!!! Awesome, right?!?

 I had been looking for something unique to hang in my bedroom over my bedside table and when my mom pulled it out of a dusty trash bag (no, it was not destined for the trash, just a good way to store a large old mirror:) I think I squealed with happiness! It was perfect......the detail, the size, the oval shape within........the color, on the other hand, was not! How ever popular this brassy gold was back in the day, I wasn't a fan. I knew if would look great with a coat of paint and some light distressing. 

So, I got to work.......

I cleaned it up really well with a damp cloth, gave it a light sanding, primed and then a few coats of Rustoleum's 'Heirloom White' spray paint. Lastly, I had mirror cut to fit the oval cut-out.

Here is the before and after.........

I loved the finished product and I think I saw my grandma tear up a bit when she saw it! :) It was exactly what my room needed........a classic, perfect focal point! Sadly, it sat on my floor for a few months hiding my phone cords and outlet........the thing is HEAVY and I knew would be a doozey to hang........so, it sat there and sat there while I contemplated my dilemna. How to hang? Hang centered over my bedside table? Vertical or horizontal? What to do?

One day while finishing up some other projects in my master bedroom, I glanced at it there on the floor looking lonely and sad and decided to simply set it on my dresser and leaned it against the wall. Did I mention the thing is heavy!!!

Better than sitting alone on the floor......now she is surrounded by other pretty things :)

And what I see when I walk in my bedroom......

As much as I loved it, I felt like something was missing.....something to make it just pop or scream out, 'Hey, I'm here eveyone, not just blending into all this ivory-ness!'

I thought about the blues represented in my room: a pretty aqua and a very pale blue-gray and decided to bring in some of that color. Using a gorgeous color called 'Rainwater' by Martha Stewart I decided to paint the four scrolled decals on the inside of the frame. I then antiqued them a bit with Valspar's antiquing glaze.

Now she's singing.......what do you think?

And here is the FINAL before and after.....

What have you made over lately?

Make it a beautiful day :)

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