Let me Introduce You.........

I thought I would introduce you to what I've been doing the last few years :) I have two boys that are 9 and 5 and a little girl who is almost 3. When I found out I was pregnant with her after having two boys (I always thought I would be a mom to boys.....which is totally fine cause I love my boys to pieces) I kinda went crazy with the little girl stuff.....I ordered handmade clothing from etsy, leggings, hats, shoes......anything girly and unique that I could get my hands on!

Here are a couple of shops on Etsy I was absolutely obsessed with:

Can you tell I loved buying little dresses ;)

Then came the hair accessories.......oh boy, you have to have one to match every cute outfit! I learned how to make every type of bow out there and then starting using fabric rosettes in my creations. I already had an Etsy shop and decided to start listing my hair pretties. Soon, I was getting attention from crazy talented professional photographers using my pieces and then sending their images with my hair piece.......this was a great way to get noticed because anything looks cuter on a tiny newborn or squishy toddler!

Let me introduce you to my shop:

Let's be perfectly clear.....these are not my photographs :) I had the privilege of working with supremely talented women who have let me use their image to showcase my work.

Now that I've started my home decor blog my interests have shifted a bit. I will still have many hair accessories in the future, but with more of a vintage twist and hopefully some vintage pennants to add to the mix!

Check out my shop if you'd like to......it can be fun just to browse these gorgeous images simply for inspiration! {There is a link to SHOP at the top of my blog}

Make it a beautiful day!



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