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Pretty Projects: Floor Lamp Tutorial

October 5, 2012
I’ve been working on my reading nook project {more on that later} and decided this lamp needed a good makeover!
Safety first, I removed the shade and then taped and bagged any cords and electrical components…….I would like this lamp to actually work after I’m done making it over 🙂 I used small bread bags but you can use anything you have on hand…….read: plastic grocery store bags. Be sure to tape your bags nice and tight!

Next, I primed using a white Krylon spray paint. I went over the lamp in waves and because it it SO HOToutside (is 105 degrees hot!?! ok, just wondering:) it dried really fast in between coats and I was able to prime the entire thing all at once. I did use the entire can of primer.

Here it is primed and ready for a coat of yellow paint:


I used Krylon ‘Meringue’ in satin and used the same spraying technique…….applying in waves so it’s applied evenly all over. This paint does dry super fast (especially in the AZ heat) so you can follow up with a second coat after waiting about 15-20 minutes. I liked the color but had my heart set on something a little darker (I seem to do this A LOT with my projects lately:)

Soooooo, I went over the pale yellow color with Krylon ‘Bright Idea’………and it was exactly what I had in mind!!

Looks very similar to a table I saw on Tatertots and Jello awhile back and just knew something that color was in my future:)

Next, to tackle my beat-up-crushed-in-dusty drum shade. Here is what I did:
{Drum Shade Tutorial}
1. Gather your fabric and embellishments……the gray suting fabric is for the body of the shade and the patterns are for the flowers I’m going to make to attach to the body when it’s completed.
2.Measure the height of your shade and add about 2 1/2 inches. Measure the perimeter of your shade and mulitply by 2 just to be safe 🙂 For instance, my shade height was 9.5″ and the perimeter was 48″ so I need my gray fabric piece to be 96″ x 12″. I had to sew three pieces  of gray fabric together to reach my 98″ in length. Put right sides together, sew a straight line with 3/8″ seam allowance, open and press. Do the same thing with the other piece (if you have one:)
3. Start about 1″ from the edge of your fabric and create gathers as you sew (I was not extremely precise with this…..I just folded and bunched as I went.
4. When you have gathered both sides of your fabric you can take the top thread and pull and stretch so you have more of a gather in your fabric. {This all depends on the look you want to create……I didn’t gather too much because I liked the rumpled, messy look of my unprecise gathers I had machine sewed}
5. Take some coordinating ribbon and hot glue to the edges of your shade. I left about half hanging over the edge so I could fold over and hot glue to the inside. It just gives it a finished look!
6. I don’t have a picture of this step {stayed up too late trying to get this project done and didn’t have good light for a pic:} Lastly, wrap you gathered piece of main fabric around your shade using hot glue to secure to the edges of the shade. I had a lot of fabric left over once I had wrapped it so I simply cut of the excess, folded under and hot glued to the shade where the two end pieces met up.

Here is my finished shade AND lamp:

And a close up of the flowers…….
I hope you have fun creating your own lamp and drum shade!
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