My Health Story: Part 2

February 1, 2013
{This is the second part of my story. You can read Part 1 here.}
 You’re probably wondering if during this time I sought any medical advice. The answer to that is a big, fat YES!! (I’m not yelling at you……just frustrated that’s all:) I had the gamut of blood work done to find a possible cause for my exhaustion and mental instability. Everything normal. Really?, REALLY!?! I wanted to scream! Actually I’m not much of a yell-er, I just cry.

Miraculously, as I was talking to a friend one day she mentioned that she, in fact, had very similar symptoms to mine. The next day I had an appointment scheduled with the same doctor she’d seen and helped her feel normal again. I actually took the first available appointment with his P.A. which was a L-O-N-G three weeks away. During this time questions arose: ‘What if they tell me that everything looks normal?’ ‘What if I never feel better again?’ I had to rely on my faith that my Heavenly Father will never give me more trials than I can bear.

I prayed that ‘things would work out.’ The day of my appointment came and as soon as the P.A. asked me what she could help me with I lost it!! I broke down, sobbing my way through an explanation of what the past several months had been like for me. I brought in a copy of my most recent blood test results analyzing my hormones. She proceeded to tell me that I was making little to noprogesterone…….how had this been missed?!? I’d had my thyroid checked on three different occasions in the past couple of years based on symptoms that I explained to medical professionals. Every result came back normal.

That day, in addition to a prescription for a compounded progesterone, I left with a prescription for a natural thyroid medication, a diabetes medication (this helps with converting sugar to energy, not because I’m diabetic) and a natural vitamin D supplement. Blood results revealed that I indeed had hypothyroidism.

I finally felt as if the dark clouds lifted a bit……


It’s been a few months since that day and I can truly say that I feel like myself again! 🙂 I wasn’t blessed with a ton of energy like some people who seem to have an excess. I just have to work with what I’ve got! My days are never perfect {who’s are?} but they are easier now that I’m not taking 4 naps a day!! I do still try to sneak in a 30 min. nap somewhere during my day and I think that’s probably pretty normal.

I finally feel like I’m participating in my children’s lives, not just observing. And I can now make commitments that I couldn’t before (ie. volunteer at my son’s school, make a lunch date with a friend, plan and finish a project!) YAY!!! Soooo, back to this little-very-new-blog of mine…….I hope to have new projects and more inspiration for you now that I’m feeling better. My schedule will be unpredictable because I’m taking it a day at a time 🙂

What a blessing it is to be alive…….to be able to create, to inspire, to teach, to love…..
Thank you to each one of you for being a part of my journey! Here’s to a wonderful 2013!

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