My White Cabinets

February 6, 2013
We have been in our new home for a little over two months and loving every moment! We moved during a very hard time for me but it was the very best decision for our family. I had lofty (and probably unrealistic) plans for our new home. Most of my ‘making it our own’ list took a backseat to getting enough rest, BUT there was one thing that HAD to be done!!
This is a quick shot of our kitchen (complete with goofy staging:) that I took as we were walking through for the 10th time! Everyone who came in our house LOVED that brick wall which was apparantly done by the previous owner. I liked it but I secretly wished that it was shiny white subway tiles instead! Since we couldn’t spend the money to renovate our kitchen I wanted to make those bricks really pop!! If you know me at all I’ve been dreaming of a white kitchen for, well, years. White everything…..complete with dark wood floors please.
I started taking the kitchen apart……


 I took all of the doors and hinges off, drawers came out and original hardware removed. All of the doors and drawers went to my ‘shop’ in the garage. Another reason we love this house… did we manage without a 3rd car garage??
I used Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic latex paint color matched to Martha Stewart’s ‘Picket Fence.’
Disclaimer: I am not a professional painter nor do I claim to do everything the proper way. I do what works for me. I have painted many pieces of furniture so I know what I like and what I don’t like. Having said that, this may be a bit of a shock…….I didn’t sand or prime before spraying my paint on. Don’t hate okay 🙂 I did clean my cabinets really well before painting. Here is my life-saver and favorite painting product I’ve used to date:
This guy saved me oodles of time and sprayed on like a dream……a dream I tell you! I don’t own an air compressor (yet) so I went with this option which for the price tag of $100 was well worth it! I did just one coat on the back first and when they dried well  (2-3 days) I lightly sanded the edges and sprayed one coat on the front side. When the front was dry I used a clear wax to seal the edges of the cabinet door where they will be getting the most use.
While the doors/drawers were drying in the garage I worked on the inside. My husband and I primed the cabinet bases and then rolled on the paint. I’m lazy and didn’t want to cover everything in plastic and tape off so I decided not to spray inside. Because of the quality of the paint we used it rolled on extremely well. We did about three coats on the bases and used a brush for the crown molding, again doing about three coats.
The final result!!!
Doesn’t the brick look sooooo much better?!? I think so.
This project took me about a month from start to finish……so worth the time and effort! It completely changed the look of my kitchen……I’m in love!!!
So what do you think? Do you love white kitchens as much as I do?
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