Making Art with What You Have: Gold is Back!

March 6, 2013
So as I mentioned when putting my living room together, I am seriously purging items that I’m no longer in love with. But I could never bring myself to get rid of these frames.

I’ve hung onto them for over a decade now. They’ve graced the walls in the first three homes we lived in but then I was all, ‘I’m over this gold thing!” Bring in the chunky black frames and frames made from salvaged tin and lots and lots of easels……everywhere! That was the early 2000’s.
I’ve contemplated spray painting them dozens of times but never did it AND I’m SO glad that I didn’t because now that ‘gold/brass thing’ that we detested in 2005 is now ever so popular and amazing in 2013!
Check it:
I adore this room!! It may be a bit too much for my lifestyle with 3 rambunctous kiddos but I do use it for reference everyday when deciding how to style my living space, namely the pops of gold and brass.
I was so happy to unpack these gold treasures that I’ve hung onto for so long and they will finally be displayed proud in my living room.

Because the glittery autumn colored leaves aren’t working for me I decided to take the frames apart and glue a piece of patterned paper in each one. Most of these prints are from an discontinued Amy Butler collection and they are perfect since I’ve decided that blue and hot pink is where it’s at! (at least for this room)

 Here they are all updated and pretty.

I think that three on each side of my gold mirror would finish that wall……for now!

What do you think? How do you like displaying art in your home?

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