Nagging Tasks {Home Edition}

March 13, 2013


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about resolutions. I’ve set a few of my own that I will work on this year – big things like organizing my digital photos and eating clean. I’m also a list person……I love to check things off my list and i’ll always check the Bedroom solution! Do you?
I have a list of my grander resolutions but it will inevitably take me days, weeks and months to accomplish those tasks. I wanted to work on something smaller. I want that check mark next to my task now! The thought came to me when reading ‘The Happiness Project’ that I would like to focus on small things around my home – things that can be done in a few minutes or an hour or maybe even a day at most.
 One of the authors ‘resolutions’ for happiness is tackling a nagging task. I loved this when I read it! I immediately (at 2:00 a.m. aka ‘my creative time’) jotted down a list of tasks that were nagging me……I wrote out a three page list in a matter of minutes! Things like schedule a appointment for the dermatologist, get my daughters hair cut, floss and organize my boys schoolwork.
I thought I would take this one step further and write out a list of tasks around my home that were nagging me. I literally walked around my home with a pen and paper. Here are a few that I’ll share: (no judging, mkay?)
These french doors that let in beautiful natural light have looked like this pretty much since we moved into our home……4 months ago! Check.
This is the current state of my daughters closet. The clothes and shoes are clearly out of reach for a 3-year old, her dress up clothes have no home and I won’t even show you the other side! Serious closet makeover. This task may take longer than 10 minutes 🙂 Check.
Need I say more on this one?!? Check.
Hopefully this will help you to inventory your home and take pen to paper and list those tasks that are nagging you to no end. And then you get to check them off! My favorite part 🙂
So, what tasks are nagging you right now?
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