Putting a Living Room Together

You've probably moved once or twice in your lives? Do you have wishlists of decor and furniture that you'll purchase for your new home and get so excited about putting your new home together exactly how you've imagined? Me too! Insert Pinterest Living Room Board!

My current fave living room inspiration:

 This is the living room of one Brooke Shields......isn't it perfect/gorgeous/lovely? Something to aspire to for sure :)
After the initial excitement of moving into, hopefully our last home, I realized that rooms weren't going to be perfectly styled {like above photo} until things like having clean clothes to wear and being able to find those clothes in the first place, unpacking toiletries and laundry detergent, finding the silverware and trash bags, etc...
To be honest, my decor wasn't even unpacked until we finished our kitchen cabinets which was a huge project that seemed to have no end but finally did end and they're perfect :)
When I reached the point where I could start styling rooms the way I'd imagined I became depressed opening boxes of decor that I wasn't really in love with anymore. What's a girl to do?!? I decided that anything that I wasn't in LOVE with or would be proud to display in my home was going. I was able to sell much of my decor thanks to some local Facebook pages and Craigslist. I might have a different take on this and this may come as a shock to some of you.........
I would rather have an empty room than a room filled with things that I don't love.
 You still here? Ok great!
Since I was 'starting over' (sorta) in some of the spaces in my home I realized that I didn't have much to work with.......but there is hope!
Back to the title of this post: putting a living room together. If you've found yourself in the same situation here is your solution:
 Paint! Paint can make an empty room look not so empty and is a pretty inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Our new living/dining room is large with 10' ceilings. I knew this room could handle a dark dramatic color and I've been wanting to use a dark gray for FOR-ever! The color we used is Gauntlet Gray by SW. LOVE how it turned out!

Neutral, neutral, neutral. It really is a blank slate. If you don't know where to start with color just go neutral. Everything in this room is white, gray, and black. I knew I wanted a white sofa (found this Ektorp Ikea sofa on Craigslist for a song:) to create a contrast with the dark walls. Long white curtain panels. The rug is gray/white, the chairs are neutral colors (I'm still planning on recovering my green chair too) Start here and then when you are comfortable (and have the funds) with your layout you can start layering in color and adding accessories that you love.

Remember function. Meaning, what will this room be used for? Since we have a good sized family room I wanted a 'pretty' room for guests and because this is the first room you see when you walk through the front door. So mainly a pretty room that will occasionally be used :)

When you have the basics covered, you can start searching for those perfect colorful accents! I believe the rule of thumb is 2-3 items of the same color is enough to be an 'accent color' and 2-3 accent colors can take a blah room to amazing!!

This room is far from done but it's the beginning to hopefully a very pretty, inviting, and comfortable living space! Probably not as perfect as Brooke Shields but I sure will try :) I'll be sure to post my progress as I find the perfect accent colors.......I'm tinkering with a cobalt blue and hot pink combo!

What do you think? What are your favorite accent colors right now? Do you have a great tip for styling your living space?



  1. I love cobalt blue! And I love that grey color. I am really drawn to grey for some reason. It's the perfect neutral in my opinion. =)

    1. I totally agree! :) Gray is everywhere in my house.

  2. Oh yes! Use pink and blue. It's perfect for the spring and summer and if you are tired of it come September, you can switch to teal and orange!!

    1. You are darling Bronwyn! :) Thanks, I didn't think of teal/orange but I love that combo too!

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