Back to School Scavenger Hunt!

My boys start school on Monday!! Wow, did the summer zoom by! In the past we have always gone school supply shopping together which is just oh so fun……not really 🙂 Taking three kiddos into a store where about three-quarters of its customers are jammed into about 4 aisles is simply put, mad chaos!

I decided to do things a bit differently this year. Skip the rush and just do it by myself 🙂 Problem solved! There’s something about fresh crayons, clean crisp folders and sharp scissors that is just so exciting so I thought it really didn’t matter that they were actually present when choosing them. Let’s change things up a bit and make it fun so I put together a little hunt!

‘Back to School Scavenger Hunt’

Other than the supplies purchased this is a cheap and easy way to get your kids excited about the new school year!
Here are the supplies you’ll need:
bags with handles for each school-going childscrapbook paperlollipop sticksapplesschool suppliestreats for the end prize

I used gridded paper to cut an apple using my Silhouette and labeled it with my boys names. I mounted the apple on a square of scraphook paper and a clothespin to secure it to the bag. Use any bag you have on hand for them to collect their school goodies in……a plastic grocery sack works too 🙂 

Next, I used my Silhouette again to cut flag templates…..they will be used for the clues! Glue the flags on lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks and stick them in the red apples. You can use any clues you would like. I used locations in our home for the clues. Here are mine as an example:

‘books’ of knowledge (aka book collection)
‘seeds’ of knowledge  (garden spot)
clean school clothes (laundry room)
‘Wii’ relax and play (playroom)
carpool (our beloved minivan)
homework zone (kitchen table)

I hope that this is a fun alternative to the shopping-for-school-supplies fiasco! Let me know how it goes for you and your school bound kids 🙂

If you are looking for more school ideas I have documented here how to manageably organize and enjoy all of the schoolwork, art and projects brought home from school!

Make it a beautiful day!