DIY Wreath Hanger

Like many of you I see possibilities from……well, trash! My mom bought a new kitchen table and was getting rid of her old and worn-out one. Guess who took it home…….yep, me 🙂 I will be using the table in my den/craft room but I really didn’t need or have the space for 4 extra chairs. In my garage they sat until I brought one inside and started taking it apart. Then the thought struck! I was going to use the spindled legs to make my own wreath hangers.

I also make a lot of banners so these would come in handy! I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to just banners/bunting/pennants!! LOVE them!

Cute right?!? Here are the supplies you’ll need to make you own wreath hanger:

I found most of the supplies at my hardware store except the hook which was purchased at Hobby Lobby. This project is cheap too……..if you don’t have any old chairs to steal a leg from you can always buy them! The unfinished finials were $1.22 for two, the molding was $1.99 and the hooks were $2.50 (on sale)

Start by screwing your molding into the base of your chair leg to create a stable base.

Next drill a hole for where you will screw your finials in.

Mark your chair leg where you would like your hook to be, drill pilot holes and screw into place.

Finished (unfinished) wreath/banner hangers:

I used Kilz Primer and Valspar White Gloss.

And ta-da!!

I also want to resurface our deck as you can see it looks old and I want it to look new. My friend recommends deck resurfacing to me because they will surely make our deck look new again.