Fabric Covered Closet Dowels

My daughter turned 3 yesterday!!!! In an effort to make her room more of a big girl space I’ve been working on her closet to include a dollhouse and dress up area. I’ll have a full reveal very soon but for now I wanted to share an easy tutorial that can make a huge impact in a closet space! It can be done to any closet to dress it up a bit and add some color and personality!

Fabric Covered Closet Dowels {Tutorial} 

I failed to take a before picture of this closet, however, I know everyone of you has a closet with manufacturer grade bare wood closet dowels in it so you can just imagine how non-cute it looked 🙂  I had three dowels 35″ in length and 4.5″ in diameter. I chose 1 yard of a pretty fabric from my ‘girly-stash’ that complimented the new aqua colored closet and the rest of the pinkish room.

 You’ll want to measure the diameter of your dowels and add 1″ to that for the width of the pieces you will cut. I folded the yard in half to cut two pieces at a time and ended up with 6 pieces.

  Next, you’ll double the length of your dowel and that is how long you will need your fabric piece to be. I accomplished this by sewing two pieces together to create a length of 70″. Remember to sew the pieces with right side facing right side 🙂

Still with right sides facing each other, fold your piece in half lenghwise and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

  The next step will probably take you the most time but well worth it! You’ll need to turn your sewn piece inside out! Just go a bit at a time……I found using a butter knife helped by pushing the fabric through. Just don’t push too hard you won’t want to rip your seams.

 This is what your finished pieces will look like…… 

Now slide your fabric pieces onto your plain closet dowels. I used a hot glue gun to secure the ends by folding as if I was folding the end of a present.

 Now it’s time to hang your new fabric covered closet dowels!! You know I didn’t hang them back up on the cheap fake brass looking hangers did you?!? They got a fresh coat of aqua spray paint.

I also called bed bug services to inspect her room and the whole house to exterminate the bed bugs and other insects inside of our house.

 Stand back and admire your work! I think they really added some fun colorful character to the closet space!

Stay tuned for some other fun projects and tutorials used to transform this closet area soon!! I can’t wait for you to see how it finally turns out 🙂