Handmade 101: Chunky Bead Knotted Necklace

{Chunky Bead Knotted Necklace}  

This is a super easy fun little necklace that will take you less than 30 minutes and will be a perfect colorful summertime accessory 🙂 Yay for fast, easy and cute!

First thing is you’ll need to do is gather your supplies. The beads were ordered online here and I chose a coordinating ribbon that was 3/8″wide and 1 yd. long.  Anything wider might be a tad difficult to get through the bead holes (just an f.y.i.:) 

 Next, tape off each end of your ribbon. Fold it once and then again and put a piece of tape around it. Thread your first bead. I started beading using the center bead and working out from there.

 After you have your first bead centered on your ribbon tie a knot on either side of it.

 I found it helpful to use a straight pin to help the ribbon through the bead holes.

Continue threading your beads in between knots until you are satisfied with your adorable necklace. Remove the tape from the ribbon ends.

Tie in a knot to secure around neck and ENJOY!!

Make it a beautiful day 🙂