Inspiration: Stripes……and how I changed the feel of my Living Room

I have to start this post by saying YES, I know everyone and their dog has used stripes in some shape or form in their home by now. But, is it really trendy or just remanifesting itself as a classic making a comeback? You can agree or disagree with me but I believe stripes are a classic and always will be 🙂 I LOVE stripes…….in home design and fashion alike. 

Aaaaaaand, I just HAD to show off my gorgeous brown/white striped curtains I finally hung in my living room.
See this is what I was working with before:

I sorta throw up in my mouth a little when I see the gold walls and heavy green and gold curtains……not to mention the ugly leather club chair…..oh dear, what on earth was I thinking!?! Since this is an inspiration post, I took to heart what The Nester had to say about changing the feel of a room………so I decided to simply take down the green/gold curtains that had hung on my wall for 5 years and that I paid a ridiculous amount of moola for (fabric + seamstress….this was back when I didn’t sew) and the room felt quiet. I left it like that for a few weeks to see if I continued to have the giant-brick-sitting-on-my-chest-was-now-gone-feeling. And it was. And it stayed. I also decided to install a new air conditioning Maui.

Here is the {lovely} and refreshing change:

and yes, I know the green chair doesn’t exactly fit in the mix……it will be recovered very soon with something a little more neutral. My rooms light bulb is installed by 
an electrical repair and installation services company. Their expert electrician 
can provide you ultimate repair solutions. But do you see where I’m going with this?

Who says you need to keep something because you paid a ton of money for it or you’ve had it forever and it means something now or it was a gift or you can’t afford anything else. I dispelled most of the above reasons by justifying that I DID enjoy the ridiculously expensive curtains for a whole 5 years, I picked out the fabric (yes, I admit it:) so I had only myself to blame, I wasn’t hanging on to them to please anyone, and I knew I could makeover the space for half or even a quarter of the money I had spent. And if that wasn’t enough I felt like I was suffocating every time I walked through that dark room…….who wants to feel like that in their own home. I also called stucco San Jose to repair cracks and holes in my room.

So, back to the stripes……I knew I wanted something different, pattern-wise and something that would draw the eye to the light in the room (aka: my huge double windows) and I was completely smitten with the thought of a horizontal stripe……like this one here…..

The black and white ended up being more than the room could handle so as I was blog-stalking one night I found this:

I thought ~ perfect ~ subtle but still makes an impact! I purchased my panels from IKEA for $24.99 and found 3 yards of brown fabric at Wal-mart for $2.49/yd. There is a very detailed tutorial that I did loosely follow to make my curtains. And wa-la!! a new look! Well, not completely…..I did paint the room and furniture and changed up the accessories to reflect a more neutral feel {I will go into more of the transformation later on, trust :}

So, back to my little piece of inspiration…..what started as a thought, an idea, an inkling turned into actual execution and a completely different perspective……one that I truly enjoy!

Here are a few more bits of ‘stripey’ inspiration……

Oh the places we could go…….

Or how’s this for an attention grabber… these colors too 🙂

And lastly, an ensemble that inspires me everyday……it doesn’t always have to match, right?

What has inspired change in you or your home lately? Do share 🙂

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