Pretty Projects No. 3: Tattered Vintage Book Stack

As I promised in my living room post here is a tutorial on how I created my Vintage Book Stack

{Tattered Vintage Book Stack}

I took a quick shopping trip to Goodwill to find some old books……the older and more beat up the better 🙂 I chose books similar in width and also looked for yellowing pages…..that will add to the vintage charm!

Remove book covers…..

You can peel back as much or as little of the binding as you’d like. The more you peel off the shabbier your books will look 🙂

This is the look I ended up with…..

Continue the same process with the other two books.

Next, you’ll need to gather your supplies. I grabbed some stamps and a brown stamp pad I had on hand, some embellishments like the vintage bookplate and some lace and twine. Feel free to use what you currently have.

Using your stamps or whatever you’ve decided to use begin embellishing the spines of your books.

Add your other embellishments with hot glue.

I flipped the top book over to the backside so I would have a blank page that I could use my larger vintage words stamp on and then I covered that with a thick burlap type ribbon that I had in my stash. Finally wrap your book stack like a gift with the twine.

And there you go….a gorgeous very vintage book stack to add to your decor, to use at a wedding or vintage party or shower, whatever you’d like! Hope you love it and as always make it a beautiful day!