Pool Party Ideas for Kids

As summer approaches, it’s time to get ready for warm weather, sunny skies, and days spent at the pool! This is especially true for those households with children. Are you ready to throw some unforgettable summer parties at your pool? Check out these excellent pool party ideas for kids.

Make Invitations Fun

Don’t just buy and send out boring old invitations to your guests. Rather, take the opportunity to craft with your children and bond with them as you plan out fantastic and creative invitations that will thrill and excite everyone lucky enough to receive them.

Before you get to work on your invitations, choose a theme for your party. Some great options include nautical, beach balls, and Hawaiian luau. Use construction paper, scrapbooking paper, washi tape, and other great art supplies to cut your invitations into fun shapes, such as popsicles or swimsuits. Have you decided to use a beach ball theme? Then why not use beach balls as invitations? Your guests will not only receive the information about your party, but they will also have a fun pool toy to use when they arrive.

Go Crazy With Decor

Do you know what really makes a pool party for kids fun? Decorations! So be willing to go crazy when setting up your pool area. Use balloons to play to the colors you are using, and even help guide kids around the areas that are housing the party. Throw in pool floaties to encourage children to jump in and make a splash. These can be found in super fun shapes, such as pizza slices, pretzels, whales, and more!

If you’re feeling like going all out, you can even have a balloon company create an arch to sit over your pool. Or, if you would like to DIY your party, make paper lanterns with your kids that will make your party location simply gorgeous.

Before putting all the decorations, you should clean first your pool and surroundings. Removed junks, waste and trim all the grass and trees that surround your pool. You can hire a tree arborist do the tree trimming. Alexandria has the best tree solutions to your tree problems.

Go Wild for Food

Of course, you plan to feed your guests, but at a pool party for kids, you have the opportunity to really get fun with the treats you serve. Carve up watermelon slices and place popsicle sticks in the rind for an easy-to-hold snack. Put differently-colored Twizzlers in a cup with a little sign that reads, “Pool Noodles.” Serve beach ball cake pops or cookies shaped like flip flops. And when it comes to the savory delights, why not set up a taco or burger bar where everyone can create their own meal and enjoy something that they like? Kids are picky eaters, but they will surely love these creative and yummy treats.

You can resurface or repaint your pool before the party, you can call a pool resurfacing company to do it for you. Cathedral City has the best pool services for your pool needs.