Fabric Button Initial Art

Happy Thursday! I’m still knee-deep working on my daughters closet makeover but I thought I would share a fun craft with you today that will be included in the reveal!  I save all the clothes that my kids have worn as babies up until about age 2 unless it’s something special that I would like to hang on to. Now what to do with all of those clothes!?!  This is a fun project that will help you cherish those little tiny baby memories forever in a way that can still be displayed and enjoyed! I can still remember the particular outfit that my baby was brought home from the hospital in or blessed in or wore for their first pictures so keeping these special memories alive is important to me!  Fabric Button Initial Art(using your babies clothes:

  Here is what you’ll need to re-create this gorgeous initial art:

Supplies:wood initial (found at craft store)button making kit (2 sizes)baby clotheshot glue gunframe (mine is 11 x 14)scrapbook paper  First, start by cutting out circles in your clothes. Follow the instructions on the cover button kit. I covered the cardboard in the frame with scrapbook paper and then hot glued the letter to that. Make sure to cut off any shanks on the backs of your buttons so that they lay flat 🙂 Hot glue your buttons to your letter and display! Easy as that and you have a unique piece of art that will be special for years to come!   And just so you’re not worried……I will use the cut up piece of clothing for a memory quilt so it will not go to waste 🙂 

Enjoy your art and have a beautiful day!